Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing Solutions

United Facilities Warehousing Solutions


United Facilities is a 3PL, third-party logistics company, that provides custom warehousing solutions to meet your business needs. Third-party warehousing solutions can adapt to your business's unique setup and needs. Warehousing solutions are the storing facilities of physical goods before they are delivered and sold. We have warehouse locations all over the U.S. and we are prepared to start up operations wherever our clients need us. So, no matter where you are, you can be confident that we can meet your warehouse space needs in most geographic locations.


Warehousing Solutions


Examples of Warehouse Solutions:

  • SpanTrack: this optimizes product flow with full-width roller lanes and universal wheel beds that are engineered to eliminate hang-ups on the track and allow for smoother order-picking workflows.
  • Carton Flow Rack Storage: a type of shelving system that uses wheels, rollers, and gravity to keep inventory organized and easy to find.
  • Modular Racking System:  these systems allow for multiple levels of storage within a facility, turning two-dimensional storage into three-dimensional storage. 

These storage solutions are made to securely and safely store your products and goods in an organized way.



Our Warehousing


We offer customized warehousing spaces that will fit your business needs. You can use our people or your own to work in the warehouse, one of our experts will help you in the process of creating your warehouse design and space. Choose United Facilities for your warehousing needs! Contact us today to learn more.