Packaging, Kitting, and Fulfillment

Packaging, Kitting, and Fulfillment

United Facilities Packaging, Kitting, and Fulfillment  


United Facilities is a 3PL, third-party logistics company, that provides packaging, kitting, and fulfillment solutions for your business. Your company can confidently rely upon our company to fulfill orders by packaging them for shipping through kitting.


What do these Solutions Mean?


Kitting is the compiling of individual items or component parts into a ready-to-ship package, this is usually done through an assembly line. Fulfillment solutions are when we take your products from our warehouse shelves, pack them, hand them to shippers, and then send an automated e-mail response to your customers to let them know their packages are on the way. Packaging solutions consist of the type of packaging, its size, and weight (which affects almost every other part of the supply chain), including transport, packaging cost, the impact on the environment, and the time the employees spend on preparing each package.


Packaging, Kitting, and Fulfillment


Examples of Packaging Solutions:

  • Avoid over-packaging throughout the supply chain.
  • Ship in smaller packaging.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Examples of Fulfillment Solutions:

  • Extra shelf space.
  • Automated processes for inventory tracking.
  • Pick and pack technology.

Examples of Kitting Solutions:

  • Advanced warehouse management system.
  • A system that allows for an accurate inventory count.
  • Light manufacturing. 


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